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Last night, a great story happened in Animal Crossing. It was late. My girlfriend was playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf when one of her villagers came to her with what seemed like an innocent request: bury a time capsule somewhere in the village, so he could dig it up later. Whatever his reasoning was at […]

A few days ago, I saw a Kotaku post about an artist’s interpretation of Zelda by way of Prince of Persia. I thought the art was quite lovely and the idea a little intriguing, but I left it alone after that. Tonight, however, I have to admit that the idea has gripped me quite a bit […]

I have recently read an article heralding the need to rejuvenate Zelda as a series, to move it away from a degenerate direction that has made it into nothing more than a hollow shell. The stated way to do this can be boiled down into one sentence: “Make Zelda hard, like it used to be.” […]