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While I had nothing against Batgirl as a concept when I was a kid, in practice she was horning in on Batman. Her debut was a two parter that made her the star at the expense of our title character, and then she stole the last episode away from him as well. Clearly, this was […]

Mister Freeze returns, and thank God he didn’t come back sooner. I don’t mean that because I have any issues with him. If anything, as a kid I loved his origin episode, and the fact that he didn’t show again until near the very end bothered me so much. He was so cool! Why don’t […]

When I first saw this episode, it was a little odd to me. I chalked that up to the fact that they’d introduced some minor villain from the comic, someone who didn’t really fit into the top tier of Batman’s rogues gallery, and made him the feature of the half hour. It wasn’t until recently […]

The recurring villain worst served by the Animated Series is by far the Penguin, but Two-face is the next in line. That’s a sad thing to say, since his origin two-parter was one of the finest hours for the show, and he’s always been well presented as a credible threat. But that amazing origin was, […]

Hey, it’s the return of Red Claw! That’s….something! Ostensibly, this is an episode about Alfred and his past. On the one hand, that’s a fairly interesting concept. The average butler (which seems like a very small sample group) may not be all that interesting, but Alfred is hardly average. Most rich eccentrics restrict themselves to […]

For the most part, when I’ve come back to an episode I had negative opinions on before, I either find myself revising them upward or finding something to like about them. There are exceptions-“Moon of the Wolf” and “Batman in my Basement” remain particularly bad-but it’s nice to come back and see things in a […]

In rewatching this series, I’ve occasionally had the feeling an episode was a half-remembered dream of some kind, where I’m left going “That happened? How did I forget that?” Often that’s for a particular scene, but sometimes it’s for the entire episode. “Catwalk” definitely qualifies, because while I remembered that Catwoman was a quasi-good guy […]