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The more I hear about Penny Arcade’s shenanigans, the more I wonder if I should keep reading the comic. Right now, I do still read it. I’ve been reading it for more than a decade, and I can still remember when the audience was small enough that when I sent Tycho an email asking if […]

So after subjecting myself (and my poor girlfriend) to watching all 5 episodes of the History Channel’s Bible and livetweeting it, I took a few days away from thinking about it. And now that I’ve had time to reflect on it, what stands out is not the bad acting, poor sets, or even randomness of […]

I first came upon Naruto through Toriyama’s World, the now defunct scanlation website that broke a lot of great manga series to me. They were notable for taking a long time to update their chapters, doing a great job with it, and making a point of taking down any series that got licensed for release […]

I suppose I could start off by talking about why this blog has been silent for so long, but the truth is that none of the surface reasons are that interesting. At one point it was a long delayed (and possibly never coming) culmination post on the Batman: TAS reviews I’ve done, but that stopped […]

Penny Arcade’s new kickstarter is offensive, and the reasons why should be obvious. In case they’re not, let’s break it down. 1) They are not starting a new project. Oh, they have stretch goals listed that could be be considered new projects. But those are not the main aim. If the basic goal is met, then […]

Mister Freeze returns, and thank God he didn’t come back sooner. I don’t mean that because I have any issues with him. If anything, as a kid I loved his origin episode, and the fact that he didn’t show again until near the very end bothered me so much. He was so cool! Why don’t […]

This one is kind of a weird episode for the series. On the one hand, we get to see all the high points of a typical story: Batman (and to a lesser extent Robin) burst in on a crime in progress and do some fighting, confront the villain, and find out the truth. But these […]