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Here’s the thing about Hawkman: he’s not my favorite superhero character. He’s not among my favorites, he’s not even that high up if you’re just counting DC. There are whole new characters that I find more interesting than Hawkman, and his continuity is just goofy and insane to me. I don’t know the fine details […]

I suppose I could start off by talking about why this blog has been silent for so long, but the truth is that none of the surface reasons are that interesting. At one point it was a long delayed (and possibly never coming) culmination post on the Batman: TAS reviews I’ve done, but that stopped […]

A few days ago, I saw a Kotaku post about an artist’s interpretation of Zelda by way of Prince of Persia. I thought the art was quite lovely and the idea a little intriguing, but I left it alone after that. Tonight, however, I have to admit that the idea has gripped me quite a bit […]

Last night, I finally finished Xenoblade Chronicles. It had reached a point where I wasn’t just doing the side quests to be a completionist, I was actively working to forestall the end of the game. Never mind that I had reached maximum level with one of my characters, and was close with every other. Also […]

Thanks to Chris Sims, I read an article on Giant Bomb today about some deplorable behavior from video game fans. What made it hit home for me wasn’t the fact that it featured a grown man being proudly sexist and claiming this was somehow essential to the fighting game community (a problematic term in and of […]

Having spent some time rebutting what one person online had to say about how to ‘save’ Zelda, I naturally started to think about how I would personally like to see the series improve. There wasn’t a good way to integrate that into the rebuttal itself, which is why I left it out. But the idea […]