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While I had nothing against Batgirl as a concept when I was a kid, in practice she was horning in on Batman. Her debut was a two parter that made her the star at the expense of our title character, and then she stole the last episode away from him as well. Clearly, this was […]

We’ve come to the final Joker episode of the series, and it is…decent. Not his worst episode, but not his best either, not by a long shot. There are good moments in here, and some very interesting ideas. But unfortunately, much of the plot relies on both Batman and Robin being very stupid and failing […]

When I first saw this episode, it was a little odd to me. I chalked that up to the fact that they’d introduced some minor villain from the comic, someone who didn’t really fit into the top tier of Batman’s rogues gallery, and made him the feature of the half hour. It wasn’t until recently […]

It’s sad that Harley Quinn only got two episodes to herself in the Animated Series, since she’s one of the most vibrant and interesting characters the series produced. Part of that was the fact that most of the characters created for the series were far below her caliber, but she’s also been a strong support […]

The recurring villain worst served by the Animated Series is by far the Penguin, but Two-face is the next in line. That’s a sad thing to say, since his origin two-parter was one of the finest hours for the show, and he’s always been well presented as a credible threat. But that amazing origin was, […]

Most of the time, comic book villains don’t really need much of an explanation for how they get out of jail, the insane asylum, the grave, or all three. Some nod to their past state might be appropriate, considering where they last left off, but few fans would throw a tantrum about exactly how the […]

This one is kind of a weird episode for the series. On the one hand, we get to see all the high points of a typical story: Batman (and to a lesser extent Robin) burst in on a crime in progress and do some fighting, confront the villain, and find out the truth. But these […]