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Mister Freeze returns, and thank God he didn’t come back sooner. I don’t mean that because I have any issues with him. If anything, as a kid I loved his origin episode, and the fact that he didn’t show again until near the very end bothered me so much. He was so cool! Why don’t […]

I’ll be honest, for being someone who enjoys comic books, I don’t buy many of them these days. I blame it on a general thriftiness, and a strong desire to pick things up in the trade rather than buying single issues. That is more from the fragility of single issues around pets than anything else, […]

This one is a bit odd for me. I know that many of the Animated Series episodes are adapted from earlier Batman comics, with only some details changed. At least, I know that intellectually. But emotionally, I first encountered these stories in their cartoon forms, so that’s what my brain wants to recognize as the […]

Hey, it’s the Scarecrow! Remember that guy? Seriously, it has been some time since the Scarecrow’s first appearance in the series-over 2o episodes, in fact. Considering the questionable quality of that first episode, of course, it’s not too surprising that it took him so long to show up again. But fortunately, the absence did him […]

Part I Just like “Two-face,” “Feat of Clay” is a tragedy in two parts. While the villain doesn’t have the deep personal connection to Batman that Harvey Dent did, it does an excellent job of setting up the players and the stakes. And it also introduces one of my favorite villains in the series, Roland […]

The last episode, “Beware The Gray Ghost,” sought to capture some of the appeal of 30s radio serials and pulp heroes in its subject matter. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite succeed. But “Prophecy of Doom” works well as a call back to those 30s forms of entertainment. It may not be among the greatest Batman episodes, […]

You think you know a series, and then it pulls the rug out from under you. When I was a kid, I didn’t get to see the B:TAS episodes as they were ordered on the DVDs. I don’t know if they were doled out as they were completed, or just at random (I suspect the […]