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So after subjecting myself (and my poor girlfriend) to watching all 5 episodes of the History Channel’s Bible and livetweeting it, I took a few days away from thinking about it. And now that I’ve had time to reflect on it, what stands out is not the bad acting, poor sets, or even randomness of […]

Two days ago, I sat down and watched the first episode of a new History Channel show, “Inspector America.” In brief, it’s an interesting idea, but poorly executed and probably on the wrong channel. There’s your basic review, drive safely if that’s all you wanted. If you want to hear more, I need to give […]

This isn’t a long treatise about how history is awesome. Rather, it’s a thought that occurred to me this morning, and hasn’t stopped growing. I was considering the idea of what would happen if, in 2012, Sarah Palin ran for the presidency and won. A far outside chance, at this point, but still a thought […]