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Last night, a great story happened in Animal Crossing. It was late. My girlfriend was playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf when one of her villagers came to her with what seemed like an innocent request: bury a time capsule somewhere in the village, so he could dig it up later. Whatever his reasoning was at […]

Here’s the thing about Hawkman: he’s not my favorite superhero character. He’s not among my favorites, he’s not even that high up if you’re just counting DC. There are whole new characters that I find more interesting than Hawkman, and his continuity is just goofy and insane to me. I don’t know the fine details […]

Oddly enough, after catching up with some of the second season of Avengers: EMH, I found myself thinking about Doctor Doom and the Fantastic Four. I couldn’t tell you what chain of thought lead to that, but it led me to the conclusion that Doctor Doom’s origin works best in its original form, and that […]

A few days ago, I saw a Kotaku post about an artist’s interpretation of Zelda by way of Prince of Persia. I thought the art was quite lovely and the idea a little intriguing, but I left it alone after that. Tonight, however, I have to admit that the idea has gripped me quite a bit […]

Something else has occurred to me about why I prefer Terry Bogard to Kyo Kusanagi as a character. Fortunately, this one doesn’t involve putting Kyo down. Well, not explicitly, anyway. I’ve talked before about how Terry is kind of messed up as a person. Really, you’d have to be if you explicitly made going around and fighting […]

Thanks to Chris Sims, I read an article on Giant Bomb today about some deplorable behavior from video game fans. What made it hit home for me wasn’t the fact that it featured a grown man being proudly sexist and claiming this was somehow essential to the fighting game community (a problematic term in and of […]

Having spent some time rebutting what one person online had to say about how to ‘save’ Zelda, I naturally started to think about how I would personally like to see the series improve. There wasn’t a good way to integrate that into the rebuttal itself, which is why I left it out. But the idea […]