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Last night I was thinking about Doctor Who. Specifically, why people would choose to stay with him as his companion. I can see why they’d agree to go at first; he’s offering to go anywhere in time and space, and his transportation is proof enough of what he’s claiming. But after the first time you’re […]

The latest season of Doctor Who came to a close this Saturday, and while it’s not the trainwreck I feared it would be, it’s also not good enough to override the things about the second half of this season, and the season in general, that bothered me. First off, “Let’s Kill Hitler” was a trainwreck. […]

This whole post will have spoilers for the Matt Smith run of Doctor Who, in case you haven’t watched it. Off and on for the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to unbox my feelings on the latest season of Doctor Who. Now that the show is on hiatus, it seems like it’s appropriate to […]