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Penny Arcade’s new kickstarter is offensive, and the reasons why should be obvious. In case they’re not, let’s break it down. 1) They are not starting a new project. Oh, they have stretch goals listed that could be be considered new projects. But those are not the main aim. If the basic goal is met, then […]

Something else has occurred to me about why I prefer Terry Bogard to Kyo Kusanagi as a character. Fortunately, this one doesn’t involve putting Kyo down. Well, not explicitly, anyway. I’ve talked before about how Terry is kind of messed up as a person. Really, you’d have to be if you explicitly made going around and fighting […]

While I had nothing against Batgirl as a concept when I was a kid, in practice she was horning in on Batman. Her debut was a two parter that made her the star at the expense of our title character, and then she stole the last episode away from him as well. Clearly, this was […]