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Mister Freeze returns, and thank God he didn’t come back sooner. I don’t mean that because I have any issues with him. If anything, as a kid I loved his origin episode, and the fact that he didn’t show again until near the very end bothered me so much. He was so cool! Why don’t […]

Last night, I finally finished Xenoblade Chronicles. It had reached a point where I wasn’t just doing the side quests to be a completionist, I was actively working to forestall the end of the game. Never mind that I had reached maximum level with one of my characters, and was close with every other. Also […]

We’ve come to the final Joker episode of the series, and it is…decent. Not his worst episode, but not his best either, not by a long shot. There are good moments in here, and some very interesting ideas. But unfortunately, much of the plot relies on both Batman and Robin being very stupid and failing […]

When I first saw this episode, it was a little odd to me. I chalked that up to the fact that they’d introduced some minor villain from the comic, someone who didn’t really fit into the top tier of Batman’s rogues gallery, and made him the feature of the half hour. It wasn’t until recently […]