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Having spent some time rebutting what one person online had to say about how to ‘save’ Zelda, I naturally started to think about how I would personally like to see the series improve. There wasn’t a good way to integrate that into the rebuttal itself, which is why I left it out. But the idea […]

I have recently read an article heralding the need to rejuvenate Zelda as a series, to move it away from a degenerate direction that has made it into nothing more than a hollow shell. The stated way to do this can be boiled down into one sentence: “Make Zelda hard, like it used to be.” […]

Hey, it’s the return of Red Claw! That’s….something! Ostensibly, this is an episode about Alfred and his past. On the one hand, that’s a fairly interesting concept. The average butler (which seems like a very small sample group) may not be all that interesting, but Alfred is hardly average. Most rich eccentrics restrict themselves to […]