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In rewatching this series, I’ve occasionally had the feeling an episode was a half-remembered dream of some kind, where I’m left going “That happened? How did I forget that?” Often that’s for a particular scene, but sometimes it’s for the entire episode. “Catwalk” definitely qualifies, because while I remembered that Catwoman was a quasi-good guy […]

Skyward Sword is my new favorite Zelda game. That might not mean much on its own, but I’ve been playing Zelda games since the series first came to the US back on the NES. While I haven’t played every single game in the series, I have beaten most of them, with only a few exceptions-the […]

Last night I was thinking about Doctor Who. Specifically, why people would choose to stay with him as his companion. I can see why they’d agree to go at first; he’s offering to go anywhere in time and space, and his transportation is proof enough of what he’s claiming. But after the first time you’re […]

When I was a kid, I loved the Clock King episode of the Animated Series. It had a really neat villain, an interesting motivation, and was just well done. I kept wishing they would bring that guy back. When I finally got to watch this episode, I was excited as hell. But by the end, […]