Dracula has conquered my wallet!


I’ll be honest, for being someone who enjoys comic books, I don’t buy many of them these days. I blame it on a general thriftiness, and a strong desire to pick things up in the trade rather than buying single issues. That is more from the fragility of single issues around pets than anything else, as I’ve seen time and again. The point being that even when I hear good things about a series, I tend to wait for the trade, assuming I pick that up (that Mark Waid Daredevil can’t be collected fast enough for me).

But when the inimitable Chris Sims said that he would be selling a 24 page comic for 1 dollar online, my interest was piqued, especially since it’s digital only. It’s hard for me to say how comics should be sold in digital form, but it seemed like a worthy experiment, even though I don’t have a digital reader like an iPad. Would this be the magic combination that cracked the code? I’m not equipped to make such a pronouncement, but I can say that this is a damn good first issue.

It’s not flawless; the first page made me feel like they cut 1 or 2 out and forgot to edit for the change. But that’s a minor quibble, and the rest is just damn good work all around. The art is well done and highly polished, and if you were to make a print version and hand it to someone, they might ask which publisher was putting it out. The writing lives up to the art as well, including one panel that instantly, and brilliantly, recontextualizes Dracula’s place in history. Does it make perfect sense? No, but we’re talking about a story involving Dracula, former Lord of the Vampires. Speak of that story, while it’s clearly setting up a longer arc, it’s not at the expense of the action. I won’t spoil exactly what happens, but the way Dracula and Thalia get out of the opening scrape is a hoot, and it highlights Dracula’s cleverness.

I highly recommend picking this up. At 1 dollar, it’s almost a steal, and unless you’re in dire straights, that’s chump change. Plus, if you’re the kind of comic book fan that buys Green Lantern even though you hate it now, just out of habit or because you don’t want to fall behind, you can easily spare a dollar for this book. I’m glad I did, and I’m eagerly waiting for the next issue. I just hope it comes out soon.

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