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I’ll be honest, for being someone who enjoys comic books, I don’t buy many of them these days. I blame it on a general thriftiness, and a strong desire to pick things up in the trade rather than buying single issues. That is more from the fragility of single issues around pets than anything else, […]

Let’s start this off with the most important fact of the episode: The Joker gets a nuclear bomb. Let me repeat that: The Joker gets a nuclear bomb. That’s not a spoiler of some kind. The very first scene of the episode is the auction where he gets the bomb. This is a kid’s cartoon […]

Well, here’s a welcome surprise. After an episode that wasn’t quite as good as I remembered, we have one that’s much better than expected. “The Terrible Trio” as a villain group has always come off as underbaked, since they’re just three guys who don animal masks-and to be honest, the episode itself doesn’t focus on […]