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It’s been a little while since Poison Ivy last appeared as a major character in the series. She got to assault the new DA in “Trial,” but she last got the full focus of an episode when she teamed up with Harley Quinn and tried to turn her from an abused girlfriend into a fully […]

Samus Aran, from Nintendo’s Metroid series, is probably my favorite female video game character. I have some nostalgic affection for Princess Peach from Mario, and more for Zelda as a character who at least tries to do what she can to protect herself. But Samus remains my favorite, both out of nostalgia and as the […]

Remember when I said that this series generally doesn’t do supernatural things? Here’s the big exception so far. While it’s not as bad as I remembered, it’s fatally flawed, and for more reasons than throwing in magic. In his first full appearance, I talked about Ra’s Al Ghul as Batman’s greatest enemy, and that holds […]



Drive is an amazing movie, and I don’t think I could stand to watch it again. This isn’t because of a third act or epilogue that throws everything else into doubt, or recontextualizes everything into a sloppy mess. The ending is perfect for what happened. But this is a movie that gives us a life […]

The latest season of Doctor Who came to a close this Saturday, and while it’s not the trainwreck I feared it would be, it’s also not good enough to override the things about the second half of this season, and the season in general, that bothered me. First off, “Let’s Kill Hitler” was a trainwreck. […]