Avengers Assomble! Wait, something’s off.


I’ve recently caught up with the current Avengers cartoon, thanks to Netflix, and I’ll admit-I hadn’t realized I was missing the last part of the season. The Kang storyline had felt like such an epic (in the proper, not the Internet, sense of the word) conclusion to the first season, that if there were missing episodes, it would have been earlier in the run. The heel turn of Ultron and the ultimate confrontation with Loki seemed like they had been pushed back into Season Two…assuming there would be a Season Two, of course. It’s hard to tell how well animated shows are doing sometimes. So when I discovered there was more, I was excited. After all, I was enjoying the series so far, why wouldn’t extra episodes be good?

After watching them, though, it’s hard to escape the feeling that things are diminished. Mind you, the remaining episodes aren’t bad by any measure. Ultron threatens the world with nuclear annihilation, and the Avengers end up having to fight Loki to save Asgard and the Nine Realms-and that includes the return of Clancy Brown as Odin, which is pretty great. But for all the big consequences that are supposed to hang over the team’s heads, none of them match the war with Kang. And I think that’s because war is a proper term to use for their fight with Kang; they don’t just bust into his headquarters and punch him a few times to win. They have to go through waves of his soldiers, and come to the realization they can’t win by just ripping up Kang’s robots-they have to make a dangerous attempt to strike at the man himself to win.

The trip to different parts of the Nine Realms has the potential to match that, but it doesn’t really reach that point. All of Loki’s minions and guards feel more like skirmishes than anything else, easily brushed aside once they’re on the way to the Big Boss. No need to worry about those frost giants, they’re just trash mobs! Part of this is the fact that they’re also fighting alongside Asgardians at this point, but it still diminishes the threat. Hell, even the battle against Loki himself is very abbreviated, and considering Graviton took an entire episode to beat, it’s disappointing that fighting the God of Mischief couldn’t go on for longer.

Having said that, it’s possible that my disappointment came from watching all of these remaining episodes in one sitting, instead of watching them once a week, like I did with the Kang episodes. And I’m still looking forward to Season Two, even if the teaser for it isn’t all that appealing after the last few years of event comics in the Marvel universe. But I do have a few reservations about it now.

One Response to “Avengers Assomble! Wait, something’s off.”

  1. 1 Carlos

    so whens the next one? Read my Lips!

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