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So, I’ll give this episode credit for one thing I hadn’t considered much when I was a kid-it pulls an effective twist on you for the first third. It starts off with a South/Central American themed villain, who uses tiny little dolls to somehow control people’s mind for something that’s half robbery, half extortion. The […]

Scarface is a strange Batman villain. Of course, that doesn’t say much. All Batman villains are strange to some degree. But he’s strange in that he’s probably the only villain that’s literally no physical threat to Batman. He’s more an odd visual than anything else, only dangerous because of his henchmen. There’s never been a […]

When I recently talked about the Fatal Fury anime, I mentioned doing a whole post on why I hate Kyo Kusanagi. Part of me thinks I shouldn’t indulge that, because there’s already so much bile and venom to be found on the internet. Adding slightly more articulate rage doesn’t seem like much of an improvement […]

This is an odd one. Fortunately, it’s also a good one. When I first saw this episode as a kid, I was sure Maxie Zeus was a new character. I’d never heard of some guy who thought he was an actual god fighting Batman, after all, so they had to invent him, right? That’s not […]

Yesterday night, I saw the new Conan movie. And it was….not horrible? There are two things I should admit before I go any further. The first is that I didn’t go out to see this movie on my own. I got to see it for free, thanks to my boss paying for the trip. Which […]

Whenever I think about the synopsis of this episode, it seems like something that shouldn’t work within the series so far. “Batman fights a robot Batman” is a Silver Age concept at its heart-hell, that was part of an original JLA plotline. It should be goofy as hell, not at all appropriate to the more […]

Thanks to a few comments on Twitter last night, I ended up having a nostalgia binge and rewatching an anime that I loved as a kid: Fatal Fury 2. I’ll admit that this is a pretty odd choice for things to love as a kid, but we’re talking about a time when the anime import […]