An interesting validation, of sorts.


So news dropped today about a new version of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Including leaked information on unannounced characters. And it made me think of these two posts I made in the past.

While part of me is kicking myself that I didn’t even consider Iron Fist as a good character for MvC3 in the past (his fist is glowing with the heart of a dragon), I’m just pleased that two of the 12 fighters were…well, not predicted by me, really, that’s not the right way to put it. But it’s nice that I correctly picked two of them as possible additions to the roster. I still would have liked to see Elsa Bloodstone or Dr. Wiley put into the game, but those are both very long shots.

What surprises me, though, are some of the other characters on the Marvel side. Dr. Strange makes some sense due to the inclusion of Dormammu in MvC3 to begin with. But Rocket Raccoon and Nova, on the surface, seem like very unlikely additions to the roster. After all, even with Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s excellent work with them, and the Marvel Cosmic characters in general, over the last 5 years, I’d bet most people have either never heard of these two characters, or think they’re too goofy to fit into a fighting game. Dig down a little, though, and they both fit in well for different reasons; Rocket Raccoon is a cute animal that swears like a sailor and uses big guns. I can’t imagine a Japanese gaming company that could resist that combination for long. And Nova has had a big power upgrade and character shift, so he’s no longer just a 70s attempt to create a new Spiderman.

It’s also interesting that much like Super Street Fighter 4, Capcom is specifically making a new disc version of the game, instead of releasing these as DLC characters. It makes me wonder if this is a way around the DLC stigma many people have, or if they just reached a point where they said “You know what? Just make it a new game, we might as well save some time and get some publicity out of all this work.”

I’ll also say that I’m glad the roster updates in this are new characters for the MvC series, instead of bringing in a lot of MvC 2 alumni. I know I’m not interested in seeing Cable, Ruby Heart, or Amigo anytime soon. That’s not a rational reaction, since I’m sure Cable wouldn’t be so horribly imbalanced in a new game, but old memories die hard.


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