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I’ve heard that some people don’t like Harley Quinn, and I don’t understand that. I think she’s probably the best character to come out of the Animated Series (Renee Montoya is a close second, but even a memorable police officer is second to a good new villain), and she does it in the best way-filling […]

This is an awkward one. It’s not a bad episode-the story works, the action is decent…at its worst, it’s still eminently watchable. Some poor animation detracts from the story, but it’s not the source of the awkwardness, even as it adds to the problem. Before we go into the guts of the episode, I’ll say […]

Part of me wants to see this episode purely as a puff piece. Batman meets a sexy lady, they briefly fight a criminal who only appears for the one episode, everyone’s happy. And that’s a pretty accurate description, at least on the surface. Of course, there’s a bit more here, and while it doesn’t make […]

This is the kind of episode that only works when you’ve created a deep bench of secondary characters. Now, the initial story hook-a doctor who caters exclusively to criminals-doesn’t require that. But this aspires to more than “Batman beats up a bunch of guys in green scrubs,” and the only reason it works is thanks […]

I’ll be honest, I hadn’t expected to see Captain America on its opening weekend; not that I didn’t want to see it, but I wanted to wait until I had a day off for one of the matinee showings. I won’t go into details, but the reason can be boiled down to the fact that […]

And we go from one of the funnier episodes to one of the more somber ones. Clayface is one of those Batman characters that has been entirely defined by the Animated Series for me. I know that there have been several versions of the character in the comics, and I have nothing against them. But […]

I haven’t seen Captain America yet, nor will I for the next few days, though I hope to when I have some time off. But after reading some of the reviews, something struck me about all of the Marvel Studio movies so far. Specifically, none of main characters have secret identities. Now, in the case […]