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This episode is a weird one for me, and for a lot of different reasons. First, there’s the fact that it’s the first episode focused on the Penguin. Technically, “Batman in my Basement” was the first Penguin episode, and he was the only villain…but that one was mostly focused on Batman and the stupidest kids […]

I have realized that we all wish there was a robot dedicated to our destruction. We never want to meet this robot, of course. It would be rude to say it out loud, but it’s true. If we were to meet the robot in our youth, we would learn that even youthful energy has a […]

I really like this episode. I mean, really like it. I’m not alone in that, of course. This is probably a favorite of anyone who’s watched the Animated Series, so it’s not anything controversial to say it’s good. It’d be like saying Citizen Kane is a great film. The only people who’ll disagree with you […]

It’s another Man-Bat episode! That’s…good, I suppose? I kid. Despite all of my ragging on Man-Bat in the very first episode, I’ve come to appreciate the character more since then, mostly by reflecting on how they’re more of a mirror to Batman than I’d originally thought. After all, they both initially choose to become something […]

This one is a hell of a sequel. For the most part, there’s not a lot of continuity between Batman episodes. There are exceptions, of course-most of the villains get some kind of origin story, and there was the establishment of Harvey Dent before he became Two Face. But after their introductions, there isn’t really […]

For the most part, I’ve avoided talking about the DC Relaunch. This isn’t out of any squeamishness on my part, but just the simple fact that until the books actually come out, they’re a huge fog of question marks, mostly good for fans to project their concerns and interests on. We’re starting to see actual […]

Man. This was a rough one. “Moon of the Wolf” isn’t the worst episode of the series, but it’s down in the depths with the worst. It’s got a one-time villain that’s just terrible, some internal logic that makes no goddamn sense, and a callback to “Cat Scratch Fever” that doesn’t work on any level. […]