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And then there was the time Batman launched a thousand furries. Going into this one, I was pretty sure it would be terrible. I remembered a story that mostly featured Catwoman as a prize for winning a fight, and her being turned into an actual cat-human hybrid. I was mentally preparing myself for how bad […]

Another fine Joker episode. The end. Okay, maybe there’s a bit more to say here. The most interesting thing about “Joker’s Wild,” to me, is that it starts the action for a very different reason than most episodes. Usually, we see the villains enacting their plans either as part of their tragic origins, or because […]

After watching this episode, a part of me was going “Did it really take this long to bring in the Riddler?” Then another part responds with “If it was being delayed or having him come back in the bodysuit covered in purple question marks, which would you prefer?” And then the discussion was pretty much […]

Very short review: (Terminator –  Time Travel) X (Invasion of the Bodysnatchers – Aliens) + Batman = Heart of Steel. Okay, so there’s a little more at play here. This is a weird story for Batman, but it’s not a bad one for him. We’re not talking about something that would work better for Superman, […]

Hugo Strange is the best villain the Animated Series only used once. Sewer King, Cannibal Miner, Evil Cultist with a hair piece-they are at best forgettable, at worst remembered for all the wrong reasons. But Hugo Strange is a great character, even if he’s mostly a throw-back to the days when Batman would fight the […]

Oh, Catwoman. I’m so sorry. This is another episode where a vague memory of the plot made it sound much better than it actually is. “Daggett tries to manufacture a plague in Gotham!” is a decent plot. “Daggett accidentally steals Catwoman’s pet!” is something for preschoolers. It’s rather sad that this is Catwoman’s second appearance, […]

Going in, my memories of this episode were pretty basic: Batman fights a ninja, who’s also a person from his past. And that is an accurate description of what happens. Heck, you could even truncate that for an official blurb, so it’s just “Batman fights a ninja from his past.” Boom, advertising is done. If […]