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Two days ago, I sat down and watched the first episode of a new History Channel show, “Inspector America.” In brief, it’s an interesting idea, but poorly executed and probably on the wrong channel. There’s your basic review, drive safely if that’s all you wanted. If you want to hear more, I need to give […]

Not long after his introduction in the last season, we get another Mad Hatter episode! But the fact that it’s a new season keeps that from feeling too much like an overload. The episode opens with a pretty good car chase, as we get to see Batman actually using the Batmobile on something other than […]

We’re at the beginning of the second season of the Animated Series. Many of the growing pains of the first season are behind us-most of the major villains have been introduced, even if they haven’t always appeared at their best, and secondary characters can start to see more depth. And we start with this episode, […]

We’ve come to the final episode of the first season, and it’s…a Scarecrow one. A bit odd, considering how long he didn’t appear after his introductory episode, and now he’s in two at the back end. Fortunately, this one is still good-a bit unrealistic (relative to Batman), but not so much that it drags things […]

I’m going to be honest, the Mad Hatter is one of the least flattering cases of villain sympathy I’ve ever had. Saying you feel like the guy who mind controls people, and tries to use them as pawns to win his dream girl, raises some disturbing questions about you as a person. I mean, this […]

I’ve talked about how much I like Roland Daggett as a villain when he appeared in “Clayface,” but this is actually a much better showcase for him. Not that trying to push a dangerous drug as cosmetics and turning a man into a monster doesn’t make him pretty villainous already, but he had to give […]