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So “The Cat and the Claw” was rather boring. “See No Evil” was unexpectedly good. And “Beware The Grey Ghost” is….odd. It’s almost a like a nostalgia trip for Batman viewed from the outside. I don’t think it would be fair to say it’s bad-it’s not. But the story structure is off, characters act oddly, […]

Out of nowhere.


Man. Dwayne McDuffie’s gone. I mean, I think he’s gone. But there’s this thought in the back of my mind that maybe it’s some rumor that’s blown up, he’ll show up at his computer tomorrow and go “Wait, tributes to me? What’s going on?” He’ll come in and correct it, and then we’ll all kind […]

You think you know a series, and then it pulls the rug out from under you. When I was a kid, I didn’t get to see the B:TAS episodes as they were ordered on the DVDs. I don’t know if they were doled out as they were completed, or just at random (I suspect the […]

So far, there’s been a sharp divide in quality between the original Batman villains, and those created for the Animated Series. While characters like the Joker and Two-Face more than lived up to expectations (even the Penguin came out okay from his debut), characters like the Pirate King and Fat Cannibal Mining Boss did not. […]

Now this is one hell of a rebound. Just as I did with Rupert Thorne, I used to think Mr. Freeze was a character created by the series. And in a sense, I’m right, at least as far as how he appears in the comics now. The story isn’t exactly the same, but he was […]

Nostalgia is a tricky thing to wrestle with sometimes. For example, I used to watch Transformers as a kid. Not willingly, though-I actually preferred Inspector Gadget to it, and my brother and I fought over it. As I grew up, I wished that it had been different, and that we’d both liked Transformers so we […]

Let’s talk about Rupert Thorne. In the “Two-Face” review, I noted that Thorn was a character that I used to think came out of the Animated series. But despite it being the first episode where he appears, Thorne doesn’t really do a lot. He mostly sets up the plot by pushing Harvey too far, then […]