Characters I want to see in Marvel Versus Capcom 3, Part II


Originally I was going to follow up my first post with characters I didn’t want to see. The only problem was that I could think of exactly one character that wasn’t in the game, and that I didn’t want to see added. The others I came up with were more characters I want to see in the game. And that sounded more fun! I’ll say who I don’t want in the game at the end, though.

Dr. Wiley

Why I want to see him in the game: Sheer craziness. None of the Robot Masters from the original Megaman series could stand up on their own as fighting game characters without being seriously retooled-even Megaman has some trouble. But Wiley could be a new incarnation of Captain Commander, half doing his own moves and half summoning in different versions of the same robots-he summons a robot to shoot a fireball, and the first time it’s Heat Man. Then it’s Fire Man. And then it’s another one of the fire Robot Masters, that sort of thing.

Suitability: Fairly high. Wiley’s not a natural fit in a fighting game, I’ll admit, but I think he could be goofy fun, along the same lines as Tron Bonne and Arthur will be.

Chances of actually being in the game: Middling. There’s nothing against Wiley being put in the game but Tron Bonne already being in it, but they’re not from the same Megaman series. Still, the amount of changes he’d need to fit might make him too much work, especially with the summoning Robot Masters idea.


Why I want to see him in the game: Because Hank McCoy was almost made for a fighting game. His powers involve acrobatically beating people up with what should be impossible moves, he’s smart enough to do it creatively, and he’s got a great sense of fun about it.

Suitability: Insanely high, especially in a game with so much aerial play like MvC 3 will have. Hank could be a great utility character, made as much to set up your enemy for another teammate to come in and beat them up as to hit them himself.

Chance of actually being in the game: Pretty low. The problem with how well Beast would fit is that I’m thinking of his best known form, the pre-Grant Morrison Beast that is clearly based on a primate, even when he’s gotten himself covered in blue fur. Since that’s not his current continuity, they might not let Marvel use that version of Beast…and the cat-based Beast isn’t as good of a fit. He’s not a terrible fit, but still not as good.

Black Panther

Why I want to see him in the game: Part of it is the fact that the human cast of MvC3 is almost lily-white. the only exceptions so far are Magneto (Jewish), Hsien-ko (originally Asian) and Storm. So Black Panther would add a little more diversity, while putting in a character that could work well.

Suitability: Decent to fairly high, depending on implementation. Black Panther can hold his own in a brawl, but his fighting style relies on stealth and guerrilla attacks as much as going toe to toe. Hit and run style tactics probably won’t translate well into the kind of big combos the Vs series is built on. The trick is how to make him work without feeling like a clone of Wolverine or Captain America.

Chances of actually being in the game: Fairly low to decent. There’s no reason why Black Panther couldn’t be in the game, and he could be a pretty solid character. But he’s also an easy character to cut. DLC would make the most sense.

And the character I don’t want to see in the game is Daredevil.

It’s a bit strange to argue against putting in Daredevil, because in theory he’d fit a fighting game very well. He has weird abilities that can explain some of his moves, he’s been trained by ninjas, and he’s constantly beating people up. Take the giant “DD” letters off his costume, and it’s almost like he’s in a Street Fighter game already. Hell, for all we know, Matt Murdock has to resist the urge to yell “Shoryuken!” whenever he uppercuts a thug.

But here’s the problem-in MvC 3, he’s inessential. A lot of his moves can be covered by Spiderman-Daredevil throws his baton, Spiderman shoots webbing. Daredevil swings with his baton, Spiderman swings with his webbing. In the comics, Daredevil has somewhat escaped Spiderman’s shadow with the aforementioned ninja connection, and a generally darker attitude and tone. But that’s not going to come across in a fighting game. He’ll just feel like a weird Spiderman clone, mostly interesting to the experts in how well he stacks against Spiderman and if he should be used instead of Spidey. And while Capcom doesn’t have any qualms about using off-brand copies of characters in a game (see Akuma), they feel more comfortable doing that with their own characters.

Then there’s the question of how to represent his superpowers. Sure, having a radar sense and heightened hearing and smell are probably useful in a fight, but how do you incorporate that into moves the player performs? The best I can think of are counters, and MvC 3 will probably be too fast paced for most counters to work. So as much as I love Daredevil, I don’t think he’d be a good fit. Maybe if they’d left Spiderman out, though.


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