Characters I want to see in Marvel Versus Capcom 3.


The latest announcement about Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 has got me thinking about who I’d like to see in the game. These aren’t characters that need to be in there, mind you, or would even necessarily fit into a fighting game. They’re just the ones I want. This also isn’t meant to criticize those that have been included. Except Akuma, because fuck that guy.

Elsa Bloodstone

Why I want to see her in the game: Elsa is definitely one of the most obscure Marvel characters you could pick for any game, but she’d fit into the fighting genre perfectly. She’d also be a good counterpart to Dante in story terms (even if she’d destroy his balls because he’s an insufferable ass), and highlight another strong female character.

Suitability: High. If you don’t think that being trained to fight monsters since the age of baby doesn’t make for some ass-kicking, then you are sadly mistaken. She wails on vegetable robots with a shovel, and has one hell of an aim with a rifle.

Chances of actually being in the game: Very low. Nextwave was an awesome comic series, but it didn’t sell enough to catapult its characters into more prominent Marvel roles-and when it comes to a game made by someone with a license, you’re paying for the high level properties. Who knows who might be included if Marvel was actually making the game, but they’re not. I wouldn’t even hope for DLC here.

Ghost Rider

Why I want to see him in the game: There’s actually been some amazing work done with the Ghost Rider books in the last few years, that have really moved him away from his 90s doldrums of being the go-to Wolverine supplement/replacement for stunt books. The Nic Cage movie might have hurt his standing some with non-comic fans, but Ghost Rider has always been a more obscure character trying to break into the highest tier.

Suitability: Fairly high. While Ghost Rider as a character isn’t that skilled in actually fighting people, he’s got supernatural powers to draw on, which is always good when making the visuals for an over-the-top game like the Capcom Vs. series.

Chances of actually being in the game: Fairly low. As I said, Ghost Rider is a somewhat obscure character, and he’s not the most natural fit for a fighting game. The recent announcement of Taskmaster actually helps and hurts him at the same time; Taskmaster is a more obscure character than Ghost Rider, but at the same time that means there’s already one person with a skull face in the game, so adding another might seem like overkill. Still, he has a good chance at being in any DLC made for the game.

Megaman X

Why I want to see him in the game: While the original incarnation of Megaman has been in both MvC 1 and 2, his X version has only appeared in the game SNK versus Capcom. It’d be nice to see them use him in MvC 3, as a change of pace. There’s also a fair deal of childhood nostalgia at work for me, since Megaman X was a game I enjoyed a lot when it first came out.

Suitability: Honestly, not that great. X does have some moves from his games that could lend themselves well to a fighting game, but a lot of them would probably feel like copies of Megaman from MvC 1 and 2.

Chances of actually being in the game: Nonexistent, thanks to the announcement of Zero. Zero can basically do everything X could, but he also has an energy sword. And since Japanese society has been in love with swords ever since Hideyoshi banned most people from possessing them back in the 1600s, that means Zero can be considered to have X’s place on the roster.

Terry Bogard

Okay, so Capcom can’t put in Terry Bogard because they don’t own him. But if I saw him announced I’d pick the game up, first day.


2 Responses to “Characters I want to see in Marvel Versus Capcom 3.”

  1. 1 franzferdinand2

    While X does overlap with Megaman a lot, name me one fighting game where Capcom shied away from having characters with very similar movesets.

    • The announcement of Akuma is a good example of how little they care about that particular issue. But I really think the bigger issue is Zero’s presence. Any arguments about how X would feel a lot like Megaman are minor compared to the fact that they have the “pretty” robot with a sword in the game already. The only way to make Zero more “appealing” would be to reveal he’s actually being controlled by a prepubescent boy. Which would be rather horrifying, when you think about it.

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