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Originally I was going to follow up my first post with characters I didn’t want to see. The only problem was that I could think of exactly one character that wasn’t in the game, and that I didn’t want to see added. The others I came up with were more characters I want to see […]

The Joker is clearly Batman’s greatest enemy overall, and that’s true in the Animated Series too. And they made the right decision with him-he’s just dropped into the action fully formed, homicidal and far too amused with himself. There’s no attempt at an origin to him. (The first Animated Series movie, Mask of the Phantasm, […]

I haven’t been doing any Avengers reviews lately, and this has happened for a couple of reasons. First, unlike the B:TAS reviews, there’s no particular time pressure for the Avengers-doing them when they were the most recent episode was ideal, but I was, and am, actively trying to keep ahead of the AV Club in […]

We return to the Joker in this episode, marking his third episode, while some characters haven’t gotten one. Then again, this does come after Pirate Fagin and Fat Cannibal, so it’s hard to complain about getting the Joker, instead of someone new. Of course, the focus is supposed to be on Mayor Hamilton Hill and […]

The latest announcement about Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 has got me thinking about who I’d like to see in the game. These aren’t characters that need to be in there, mind you, or would even necessarily fit into a fighting game. They’re just the ones I want. This also isn’t meant to criticize those that […]

Like “The Underdwellers,” “The Forgotten” is an episode about Batman exposing some social ill. Unlike “The Underdwellers,” though, it’s not completely bizarre, and does a much better job of striking the tone it wants to. That’s not to say it works perfectly-the villain here is just as cartoonish as the Sewer King, even if he’s […]

“P.O.V.” is the kind of bread and butter episode that Batman: TAS built its fame on. But let’s step back a little and look at television series in general. With any TV series, there are episodes fans can point to as an example of how good a series can be. How high the series can […]