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This isn’t a long treatise about how history is awesome. Rather, it’s a thought that occurred to me this morning, and hasn’t stopped growing. I was considering the idea of what would happen if, in 2012, Sarah Palin ran for the presidency and won. A far outside chance, at this point, but still a thought […]

I used to think Poison Ivy was the odd person out of Batman’s rogues gallery. She doesn’t want money, power, or even to mess with Batman. She’s an eco-terrorist, and anything she steals is either directly or indirectly related to that-even cash is used for a greater cause. But while the trappings are very unusual […]

Last week, in talking about the Scarecrow, I discussed how he’s basically stuck in the Joker’s shadow. Oddly enough, that fits even with his introductory episode, as it’s sandwiched between the first two Joker episodes of the series. Of course, this highlights the fact that if the Joker has a weakness as a character, it’s […]

If there’s anything that this Avengers episode demonstrates, it’s that the melodrama of the Avengers comic does not play well with the normal beats of a kid’s cartoon show. The main plot is about Captain Marvel and a Kree Sentry, but we also get the subplot of how Ant man and Wasp are having relationship […]

I’ve let the examination at the differences between the comic book version of the Avengers and the cartoon lapse in most of my reviews of the show. Partly this has been a matter of trying to sit back and enjoy the ride. I’ve also been trying to reduce the risk of pointing out the differences […]

This episode is the first introduction for one of Batman’s classic enemies. It’s not the first introduction of a villain for the series, but I think calling Man-bat a “classic” enemy is a stretch. The Scarecrow, on the other hand….well, he’s pretty firmly established for Batman now, even if “Nothing to Fear” is his first […]

Ah, the Joker. Perhaps the best villain Batman has, in any incarnation. I mentioned the visual contrasts that Batman’s best villains have, but the Joker is probably the best example. As noted by Mr. Chris Sims in his wonderful essay on the Joker, “The one in the bright colors with the big smile who does […]