A new project begins.


This is what I was originally starting to plan this blog with: I was going to talk about Batman.

Not Batman in every form, mind you-I’m not literate enough in all of his comics for anything like that, and I certainly don’t plan to spend the money I’d need to change that fact. Rather, I wanted to focus on “my” version of Batman…the Animated Series, that was broadcast on Fox in the early 90s. Those three seasons changed my life when it came to animation.

Every other children’s cartoon that I loved as a kid has fallen by the wayside. All of them were influential, of course, but best viewed as hazy childhood memories…they age terribly in the harsher light of adulthood. But Batman does not. If anything, it becomes a better creation, even more admirable and surprising in its depth. Well, most of it-not every episode was good. But the vast majority have something to them that I find wonderful, even if only for a brief scene.

For a year, I’d planned to start this blog, to talk about whatever I wanted to talk about in public. And my intended anchor…was Batman. Not permanently, of course, there just aren’t enough episodes for that. But I thought it would be a way to start posting on a regular basis, to build from there, and to have a body of work I could point to and say “This is what I have done. I hope you are entertained by it.”

Unfortunately, today I found out that I don’t have the luxury of waiting anymore. Because the AV Club, a far more professional institution than mine (unsurprising, since they run a business and I am a guy with some free time) will be adding Batman: The Animated Series to their regular schedule of TV Club Classic. And the first review will run, oh, tomorrow.

I can’t say I disagree with the choice. I came close to suggesting they do this themselves, until I came up with the idea of reviewing it myself. So I can’t complain if they were smart enough to think of the idea themselves….or if several thousand people sent in that same suggestion I decided to hold off. But it did put me in a quandary. Should I write my own reviews, and risk being compared unfavorably to their more professional work? Would people accuse me of trying to imitate the AV Club for doing this?

It took some soul searching for me to make my decision. And I came to a very simple conclusion. First, almost no one reads my blog right now, so the possibility of being compared unfavorably would require someone to read both first, and I just don’t have to worry about that at the moment. Second, no one could fairly accuse me of stealing ideas from the AV Club’s reviewer…as long as I post mine first.

Of course, the fact that I probably will not do as good of a job remains a possibility. But I can be a stubborn bastard sometimes, and I think this is one of those times when it will work out in my favor. So tonight, I begin. And we shall see what comes of it.

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