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Man-Bat is probably the weirdest villain Batman fights on a regular basis. That’s a strange claim to make about a man whose archenemy is the Joker, but thematically, almost all of Batman’s enduring villains are visually distinctive in their own right. They mirror Batman in some way, comment on themes about Batman himself, and offer […]

This is what I was originally starting to plan this blog with: I was going to talk about Batman. Not Batman in every form, mind you-I’m not literate enough in all of his comics for anything like that, and I certainly don’t plan to spend the money I’d need to change that fact. Rather, I […]

This episode is our first real clunker of the series so far. It’s unfortunate to say that about “Panther’s Quest,” since the Black Panther has been in better episodes already, but it can’t be avoided-some basic problems kept this from being all that good. The basic plot of the episode is very simple-Black Panther shows […]

I’m not the biggest fan of the Avengers in the comics, much as I like them, so maybe I’m wrong about this. But I think most comic book fans would not rate Wonder Man too high on their list of characters. Is he the worst superhero? No. But he’s never added much beyond his first […]

Sorry for the late review-I was out of town, so I couldn’t catch the episode until I came back to my DVR. But we press on. It’s a little strange to say this is when we finally get to meet Captain America, considering he appeared in several of the mini episodes and this was only […]